Metal Roofs

A Knoxville metal roof is a roofing system made from metal tiles. It is a component of the building envelope.

Metal roofs protect buildings.

In the U.S., metal comprises 10% of the overall residential re-roofing market.

Knoxville metal roofs are very durable in cold weathers. Metal roofs also contain a high percentage of recycled material, and are 100% recyclable.

Metal roofing can be used for residential or commercial buildings. The same materials used in metal roofing can also be used in siding as well.

Metal roofing can be applied over an existing roof.

Metal tile sheets. These are usually painted or stone-coated steel.

Stainless steel. Available for harsh conditions and/or as a distinctive design element. Usually roll-formed into standing seam profiles; however, shingles are available.

Copper roofs offer corrosion resistance, durability, long life, and low maintenance, and radio frequency shielding.

Aluminum. One of the longest lasting metals, but somewhat expensive compared to steel products. Aluminum roofs are very light-weight, corrosion resistant, have high natural reflectivity, and even higher natural emissivity, increasing a buildings energy efficiency.

Stone coated steel. Panels made from zinc/aluminum-coated steel with acrylic gel coating. The stones are usually a natural product with a colored ceramic coating.

Lead. Often used for church roofs or porches.