Home Repairs

Knoxville Home repairs and Remodeling, Area Wide Roofing are the  remodeling experts. You can trust our expert staff to help you fix serious problems or simply update your Home with a new fresh look at the best price, guaranteed!

• Does

your Home have mold and mildew you can’t get rid of with cleaning alone?

• Is your Kitchen tile cracking or are the cabinets are falling apart?

• Is your shower grout moldy, dirty and unsightly?

• Does your Kitchen counter needs replacement and an elegant look?  …


   Knoxville Home repairs has the complete solution.

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Knoxville Remodeling is also your best source for one of the most important areas in your home. We can provide hundreds of options most in real wood and Granite and precious stones and glass and for all range of sizes and, the most important: Your budget.

Whether you need a Custom design or size, or you have a standard size, we can provide your ideal Kitchen in many options, like Traditional, Classical, Contemporary, Modern, Minimalist, etc. And most of them can be installed in less than a week!. We offer free in-home consulting, design, Plumbing and Installation, and we will do all fixtures and plumbing.

        Because Knoxville home repairs and remodeling is a dedicated Home improvment Renovation Company, we can even direct you to our trusted, affordable, basic showroom places, and stone factory, and we will do the installation for you. Call us for your free in-home consultation today!

Call area wide Roofing!

Knoxville’s home repair specialist.